chemistry lesson 4 me 2day

during my trip to portugal i was pretty disappointed that i couldnt get a fast development for my films anymore. all shops told that it would be possible ifi waited for a week. not good!!!!
back to yesterday, at petapixel i stumbled across the new55 monodeveloper and that they apperantly published the formular because they couldnt send the mix abroad. i was surprised that this was possible. so today i took my mamiya rb67 put in a roll of film shot the shots, bought the ingredients and B A A M M M M M M it worked. here are the results. normally i post restriced files but this time the full resolution my crappy scanner could deliver.

special thanks to my colleague michail for posing!

thanks petapixel and new55, we havent communicated but i have to say you are doing a great job!

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