scouting the sternenpark

a few months ago i stumble across the term ’sternenpark.‘ it is an area in brandenburg where lightpollution is limited and in ideal conditions you should be able to see the milkyway. i was nervously waiting for the right moment. yesterday night i gave it a push, but when we arrived at the sternenpark it was to cloudy. luckily sometimes the cloudy layer lifted and we were able to see something. it wasnt my last trip to there. i hope you like the results!

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domäne dahlem

since i have problems with my dslr at the moment i took my slr, a canon a1, out stuffed a roll of agfa apx 100 and started shooting. in the last days i produced a lot of analog work. since discovering the new55 monobath, shooting film became really easy and fast.

today i went to a farmyard museum in the south west of berlin. its called domäne dahlem and offers some nice superlatives. for instance the oldest house inhabited of berlin and germanies only farm that you can reach via u-bahn.

without further ado:

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alle bilder (C) andreas reich 2015
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