domäne dahlem

since i have problems with my dslr at the moment i took my slr, a canon a1, out stuffed a roll of agfa apx 100 and started shooting. in the last days i produced a lot of analog work. since discovering the new55 monobath, shooting film became really easy and fast.

today i went to a farmyard museum in the south west of berlin. its called domäne dahlem and offers some nice superlatives. for instance the oldest house inhabited of berlin and germanies only farm that you can reach via u-bahn.

without further ado:

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alle bilder (C) andreas reich 2015
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80 km to the east of berlin

the valley in front of the seelow heights were the battleground for the big set piece battle in the second world war in the european theater. it was on my list for year to pay that location a visit. yesterday was the day. i visited the museum and the ridge on which zhukov had his command post.

i will get back to seelow. i will work more on this piece of land and provideyou with information. so far our friends from wikipedia might help you.

after i went home i did my first ever stand development. it turned out very gritty. i like it, even though i m sure that it can look better and that i will work on it.

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