architecture and film and praktica

since i stumbled into maintanence problems with my canon 7d i didnt touch digital stuff (except my mobile phone.) at the sametime i stumbled across a new method to process black and white film. since then i m really psyched up on the whole process. its shooting is slower and lacks autofocus but it helps to focus on the image you create. so no sports at the moment, but architecture! most buildings are not to hectic. hope you like them.

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domäne dahlem

since i have problems with my dslr at the moment i took my slr, a canon a1, out stuffed a roll of agfa apx 100 and started shooting. in the last days i produced a lot of analog work. since discovering the new55 monobath, shooting film became really easy and fast.

today i went to a farmyard museum in the south west of berlin. its called domäne dahlem and offers some nice superlatives. for instance the oldest house inhabited of berlin and germanies only farm that you can reach via u-bahn.

without further ado:

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alle bilder (C) andreas reich 2015
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chemistry lesson 4 me 2day

during my trip to portugal i was pretty disappointed that i couldnt get a fast development for my films anymore. all shops told that it would be possible ifi waited for a week. not good!!!!
back to yesterday, at petapixel i stumbled across the new55 monodeveloper and that they apperantly published the formular because they couldnt send the mix abroad. i was surprised that this was possible. so today i took my mamiya rb67 put in a roll of film shot the shots, bought the ingredients and B A A M M M M M M it worked. here are the results. normally i post restriced files but this time the full resolution my crappy scanner could deliver.

special thanks to my colleague michail for posing!

thanks petapixel and new55, we havent communicated but i have to say you are doing a great job!

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shooting slides in annatal

finally its spring time! after something that couldnt be named winter. nevertheless i had to get out and about and even thou i just got myself a new canon i decided to take out the old and heavy mamiya rb67. a little work out in pretty swampy terrain. i need to invest into a new scanner, if you want to help me out, dont be shy!

and now with no further ado:

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the welta at tiergarten

one of the first really nice days this year. fair weather, sun and unfortunatly tons of people who had the same idea i had by getting to somewhere vaguely green. i shot with my 61 yrs old welta reflecta II using kodaks excellent ektar 100 negative film. i developed the stuff in my bathtub and scanned it on a vintage scanner. hope you like the results.

es war einer der ersten wirklich schönen tage dieses jahr. angenehmes wetter, sonne und leider zuviele die eine ähnliche idee hatten wie ich, nämlich raus ins annähernd grüne. meine kamera war eine 61 jahre alte welta reflecta II geladen mit dem herrvoragenden ektar 100 film. den kram hab ich in der badewanne entwickelt und auf einem alten scanner gescanned. ich hoffe euch gefällts.

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