big mans pictures – on tour in bremen

i decided to travel more!
i started with a quick trip to the wonderfull city of bremen, which i think is almost as nice as berlin, in its particular own way. i m sure alot of berliners and bremenian (hope thats the right term) will hate me for that. but hey, who cares? the more the marrier 😉

here some impressions.


sculpture in st. petri cathedralImage

looking accross the square in front of st. petri cathedralImage

another overlooker.Image

some are just sky gazing.Image

and some are just happy!!!Image

bringing light into the darknessImage

impressions from st. petri.Image

flashing böttchergasse

Imagepaula modersohn-becker museum.

it was a really nice trip. i need to come back to this fantastic place.

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