saisonstart BSC – a trip to dresden

on april 2nd the mighty bsc went to dresden to meet the local ruggers. turned out we werent that mighty. nevertheless enjoy the game impressions:

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das eisspiel

es war der erste richtig kalte tag in diesem winter und mein zweites spiel nach meinem comeback.
nach einer halbzeit war ich draußen und wieder an der kamera. ich hatte meine kleine, meine nicht sport kamera dabei, deshalb bitte ich den rauen character der bilder zu entschuldigen. das spiel war eng und kontaktreich. am ende stand es nach versuchen 2:2, nach punkten 12:16. well done dresden!

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dresdens defeat!!!

another glorious moment in the ongoing struggle!!! the hillbillies were sent back to there hills!!! watch now game impressions!!!on your knees!

off your feet!

andre scores!

euan is a meter short

andre scores, again.

and now the party starts. attack and counter attack

until patte charges down the field:

and scores!!!!!— half time —

charlotte and doc zoidberg

half time refreshments

and the second half starts powerplay

tension is high

and finally the fourth try!!!!
time to celebrate

the brigs critique is observed closely!
and the man of the match, patte:

recieves applause

…whilste the line judge starts relaxing

thats all folks!!!

ps: this was just a biased and quick overview, be prepared for more to come!!!