leaving the sickbay

what a rubbish year…

after being chained to my bed for the last week, seeing the fantastic autumn light only thru my windows, i had to leave the sickbay as soon as i could. i did so by visiting the ‚pfaueninsel‘, the peacock island. its a fantastic spot south west of berlin. attached some impressions, hope you like them:

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the woods

this summer i had an equally unfortunate and unwanted meeting with an internist.i was told to take things easier and reduce stress. since then i try to include long walks into my weekly routine.

today i combined such a with the testing of a nikon threaded tokina 17mm f3.5. so i went to the grunewald, the biggest forrest in berlin. here the results.

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south western cemetary

In 1922-23 it was decided that the graves of Commonwealth servicemen who had died all over Germany should be brought together into four permanent cemeteries. Berlin South-Western was one of those chosen and in 1924-25, graves were brought into the cemetery from 146 burial grounds in eastern Germany.

There are now 1,176 First World War servicemen buried or commemorated in the Commonwealth plot at Berlin South-Western Cemetery. The total includes special memorials to a number of casualties buried in other cemeteries in Germany whose graves could not be found.

commonwealth war graves commision

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sprung ins mittelalter – düppel

mittelalter macht nur dann spaß

wenn es im geschichtsbuch erkundet wird

oder mit ner duschmöglichkeit irgendwo

die palisade am eingang

mehr dach weniger haus

chemische fakultät düppel


leben auf der grünen wiese

mittelalter high tech

mittelalter high tech 2

das soll dieses obst sein

honey box

mampf mampft

altet holz

junget grün